Reef at Home Aquarium Services

You've invested a lot into your unique marine ecosystem, isn't it equally important that the number one priority in protecting it is by maintaining the correct water parameters and ensuring the water quality inside your tank stays pristine and clear not just for your enjoyment but also for the health and well being of your tank's inhabitants.  At Reef at Home, we specialize in a variety of services which would allow you more time in admiring your ecosystem, and less time maintaining it.

At Reef at Home we offer the following:

You may have heard other aquarium service companies quote you an industry-wide standard fee for tank service of $0.95 per gallon. At Clear Aquarium the basic cleaning fee is reduced to $0.55/gallon with service starting from a minimum 100-gallon price to cover the costs associated with making a service call. Some representative basic cleaning rates: 


Our area of operations is Nash County, Edgecombe County, Pitt County, Raleigh, Wake, Cary, and Roanoke.  Beyond these locations is a $2.50 per mile transportation fee.


Tank Size Up to:                                                                      Per visit

100 Gallons-- basic service:                                              $75.00

150 Gallons-- basic service:                                              $85.00

200 Gallons-- basic service:                                             $140.00

400 Gallons-- basic service:                                             $250.00

Receive a month’s service FREE when you sign a minimum1-year service contract! 


includes once monthly service with 20% water change, gravel/sand vacuum, full and thorough cleaning of algae from all aquarium glass/acrylic surfaces, cleaning/rinsing of readily accessible filters, sponges and pads, chemical testing of water/tank health diagnosis, re-fill of auto feeder, balance reef aquarium chemistry if needed, etc.

Second or Third and Fourth monthly visits (includes general system check/troubleshooting, glass/acrylic cleaning, water re-fill, and gravel/substrata raking): 


Emergency and/or unscheduled visits: (minimum 1-hour charge for trip) 

Regular weekday hours:                                                                     $50.00/hr.

Weekend (Sat., Sun., and Holiday), 

night (post-7 pm), early morning (pre-8 am) hours:                  $75.00/hr.

Decretive Coral cleaning (bleaching and rinsing): 

Small Amount (1-5 pieces):                                                                $15.00 

Med. Amount (6-10 pieces):                                                               $20.00

Large Amount (11+ pieces):                                                                $40.00


Other Services:

Clear Aquarium/Nu-Clear Filter Change:                    $15.00/filter change-out

Compact Canister Filter 
(Fluval,Via Aqua, Eheim.Etc) Cleaning:                          

Activated Carbon (Filter Bags):                    

Small (3x6 in.):                                                                        $10.00/bag change-out 
Large (6x10 in.):                                                                      $15.00/bag change-out

Trace Mineral Additions 

(necessary for reef systems only):                                   $0.15/net gallon treated

Salt mix:                                                                                    $2.10/gallon

Fresh RO:                                                                                  $0.60/gallon

Premium Clear Aquarium Flake Food Mix:                   $6.00/oz.


Delivery & Set Up


Saltwater:  $70.00 Base Charge + $1.50 per gallon


Standard Delivery & Setup includes:

Deliver + Placement/leveling of tank, stand, equipment, and substrate

RO/DI water with marine salt

Acclimate fish (ensure proper coral + live rock placement for reefs) + aquascape


Deluxe Delivery & Setup includes (Priced based on tank by tank basis):

All services listed above

May also include installation of custom plumbing, custom lighting, custom filtration, etc.



There is a non-refundable $40.00 fee for any on-site consultation.  Once an on-site visit and evaluation is made, the consultation fee can be credited towards the service fee of the next visit.

(888) 325-1223

Rocky Mount, NC, USA