Looking to add a small touch of the ocean to your home or office?  Look no further than choosing an aquarium from Reef at Home.  Be it a standard aquarium or if you would prefer something more of your imaginative design, at Reef at Home we only deliver the best. 


New to the aquarium hobby?  Allow our professional staff to offer our free, no obligation consulting experience in choosing and packaging together your personal underwater masterpiece.  Many are unaware of the many types of systems available and equipment requirements which enable a sustainable reef or saltwater fish only ecosystem along with the patience it takes to see a great system from conception to a majestic reality.  This is where Reef at Home comes in.  We help simplify what is needed versus what is wanted, one of the key differences you'll find Reef at Home separates itself from all the others.  Our main priorities is that of our customer and that of the marine inhabitants of each ecosystem.  Once completed and established, you will agree that the patience was worth the wait.

Custom Aquariums by Custom

Established in 1998, Custom Aquariums is not a one size fits all approach to aquariums.  Depending on every unique circumstance, Custom Aquariums can build many sizes, shapes, and configurations.  Their Lifetime Aquariums build to order glass aquarium systems, the Seamless Sump filtration systems, the H2Overflow aquarium overflow systems, the Siphon Stopper return fittings, as well as the Majestic stands and canopies are all top of the line, yet at affordable prices allowing from the advanced aquarist to the beginner to marvel at their advanced designs.  And it doesn't stop there, all Reef at Home Customers enjoy a discount of $50.00 for any order over $200.00 simply by using Promo Code RESD-0718-0201 when ordering through Custom

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