Black Phantom Clownfish

Black Phantom Clownfish

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This designer clownfish is jaw dropping gorgeous. The Phantom Clownfish is jet black with jagged white snowflake markings. No two fish are alike. Sea & Reef created the Phantom Clownfish through selective breeding of several of our ocellaris designer clownfish variations including Premium Snowflake Ocellaris Clownfish, Black Ice Clownfish and super black Darwin Ocellaris Clownfish. The goal was to make a jet black clownfish with the desirable white snowflake markings. We carefully selected only the best fish for broodstock and kept close tabs on the genetics to avoid any inbreeding. After many generations and combinations the Phantom Clownfish was born. We gave it the name Phantom Clownfish because the look of this fish evades reality and dwells somewhere on the edge of fantasy and imagination. The black coloration develops identical to Darwin Ocellaris Clownfish. Early juvenile fish are dark brown, but turns jet black when they reach a size of 1 ¼ -1 ½ inches.

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