Blue-Faced Angelfish

Blue-Faced Angelfish

Referred to variously as the Blueface, Yellowface, or Yellowmask Angelfish, the adult and juvenile Blueface Angelfish differ markedly in coloration. As a juvenile, the body is covered with alternating vertical stripes of black, white, and sapphire blue. Upon growing to approximately five inches, the juvenile begins to morph into its adult coloration of pale yellow with bluish scales and a bright-yellow pectoral fin. It has a mottled-blue face with yellow mask that extends from eye to eye but not much beyond each eye. There is also an eyespot at the caudal end of the dorsal fin.


A minimum of a 220 gallon tank with numerous hiding places and large amounts of live rock for grazing will offer a good environment. Not a good reef dweller, the Blueface Angelfish is prone to nip at stony and soft corals (sessile invertebrates) and clam mantles. The Blueface Angelfish is best kept as the only angelfish, as it is prone to becoming territorial when it is the largest fish in the tank.


The diet should consist of Spirulina, marine algae, high-quality angelfish preparations, mysis or frozen shrimp, and other meaty items. It should be fed at least three times daily.


Approximate Purchase Size: Juvenile Small: 1" to 1-1/2"; Medium: 1-1/2" to 2-1/4"; Large: 2-1/4" to 3"; Sub Adult Small: 2" to 3"; Medium 3" to 3-3/4"; Large 3-3/4" to 4-1/2"; Adult Small: 3-3/4" to 4-1/4"; Small/Medium: 4-1/4" to 4-3/4"; Medium: 4-3/4" to 5-1/4"; Medium/Large: 5-1/4" to 6"; Large: 6" to 7"; XLarge: 7" to 8"; Show Size 8" to 9"

  • Quick Stats

    Care Level:  Moderate

    Temperament:  Semi-aggressive

    Color Form:  Black, Blue, Yellow

    Diet:  Omnivore

    Reef Compatible:  With Caution

    Water Conditions:  72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.020-1.025

    Max. Size:  1' 3"

    Origin:  Coral Sea, Indonesia, Sri Lanka

    Family:  Pomacanthidae

    Minimum Tank Size:  220 gallons

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