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CerMedia MarinePure Ceramic MP2C-c Biofilter Media Bag


CerMedia MarinePure Ceramic MP2C-c Biofilter Media - 1 gallon of media with included mesh media bag.


  • 100% Tank Tested and commonly used in commercial aquarium applications
  • Most technically advanced bio-filtration substrate
  • High usable surface area for beneficial bacteria growth
  • Open porosity - maximum bacteria exposure to contaminates and promotes excellent water circulation and less clogging
  • Specifically designed to target ammonia and nitrite removal and minimizes nitrates
  • Inert and chemically stable
  • Greater than 80% open porosity
  • Provides consistent water chemistry
  • Reduces tank maintenance
  • Able to support large fish loads
  • Can be cleaned, reused and sterilized for years


Surface areas:
1½” Marinepure Sphere:  240 sq ft
8"x8"x1” Marinepure Block: 5,750 sq ft
8"x8"x4”Marinepure Block: 23,000 sq ft