Korallen-Zucht Zeovit Zeovit AcroGlow

Zeovit AcroGlow is the latest addition to the line of KZ color Enhancers.


For years advanced hobbyist have experienced difficulties maintaining vividly colored corals (especially SPS) from Fiji, Tonga and Australia. AcroGlow is the answer to that challenge providing these corals with enhanced engineered nutrients and elements that will help bring the glow back to these coral species. It can also help with coral acclimatization and recovery of newly fragged corals. 


Dosing AcroGlow can be beneficial to all corals.

Dosage: 1 drop for every 25 gallons per day. AcroGlow is available in 50ml (1.7 US - fl Oz) or 100ml (3.4 US - fl Oz) Glass bottles with Dropper


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