Lobophyllia Sp (Brain)

Lobophyllia Sp (Brain)

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The Lobophyllia Brain Coral, Lobophyllia hemprichii, is an LPS coral often known by the names of Lobed Brain Coral, Colored Brain Coral, Carpet Brain Coral, Meat Coral, or Large Flower Coral, among others. The Lobophyllia has vibrant color patterns spanning from bright reds and greens to oranges and yellows, and is a prototypical beautiful reef coral. The Lobophyllia Coral can be a great animal to care for if done properly. They should be placed in the bottom to middle of your tank, around a moderate to light waterflow, and given enough room for it to spread out its tentacles without harming its tank neighbors. The Lobophyllia Brain will eat frozen meaty foods directly 2-3 times a week. Though some effort is required to successfully raise a Lobophyllia Brain, it is rewarding and validating to see its beautiful colors and rapid growth brighten up your tank. 


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