Mr. Aqua 9 Watt Submersible UV with Pump

Mr. Aqua 9 Watt Submersible UV with Pump

SKU: MA-087

Mr. Aqua"s 9 watt internal UV light sterilizer is the latest technology in aquatic water treatment. The process is harmless to both freshwater and saltwater plants, animals, and invertebrates. The Phillips UV-C bulb is sealed to allow 100% complete water contact and provide the best treatment against bacteria and germs. Stainless steel surrounds the UV bulb to protect the plastic from heat and to maximize UV exposure to the water. The sterilizer can also be used as a surface skimmer. The Mr. Aqua UV light used with quality Philips UV bulbs guarantee 8000-9000 hours of usage. Water flow rate is 50 gallons per hour. 


We can certainly attest to the performance of this little UV Sterilizer as we use them on all of our tanks.  Have an algae problem, no problem as the Mr. Aqua 9 Watt Ultra Mini UV-C can clear that up in the matter of hours.  We didn't believe it ourselves until we put them to the test.  With a major, persistent algae growth in one of our tanks, and performing daily water changes to reduce the nutrient levels in the tank, every morning would walk in to find the algae growth back, and to some degree worse.  Day 1 of installing the Mr. Aqua Ultra Mini, and considerable changes were noticed within several hours.  Walked in on Day 2, and zero, zero algae growth on the glass surface (something that had become a daily sight even after cleaning).  This little UV Sterilizer is well worth it and your fish, corals, and tank will thank you for each day following.

Warranty Info: All UV lights shall be covered by a 90 day limited warranty. The pump is covered under a 12 month warranty from date of purchase.


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