Round-Faced Batfish

Round-Faced Batfish

The Teira Batfish, Platax teira, is commonly referred to as the Longfin Batfish, Longfin Platax, and Round-faced Batfish. With its wide vertical alternate black bands and pale yellow colored body, the Teira Batfish makes a beautiful addition to a home aquarium. 

The Teira Batfish is relatively easy to keep and is a good fish for a beginner aquarist. 


Teira Batfish Care Facts

  • requires tank of at least 200 gallons as the adult Teira Batfish can grow up to 20 inches
  • tank should include plenty of open swimming space and a sandy substrate
  • have caution when pairing with sessile inverts, soft corals, and anemones as they will eat these
  • they are best kept in FOWLR tanks
  • the Teira Batfish will eat a varied omnivorous diet consisting of meaty frozen foods and quality flake foods
  • it is peaceful and should be housed with other peaceful tankmates away from aggressive fish
  • this batfish requires a clean, well-kept tank so it should be reserved for experience aquarists
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