Somatic 60 Double Stack Dosing Vessel

Somatic 60 Double Stack Dosing Vessel

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The Double Stack Dosing Vessels fit perfectly with the Somatic 60 Filtration System and let you store liquid dosing additives. The stacking design saves a bunch of space while having an ingenious method of extracting the additives from their respective vessels. Each container will index with the fill hole of the previous vessel keeping them from twisting and secure. The top reservoir has an acrylic cap to keep dust and foreign material from entering.



Footprint - 6" x 4"

Stacked height - 21"


Bottom Vessel

  • Volume - 2000 mL
  • Height - 13.25"


Top Vessel

  • Volume - 1000 mL
  • Height - 7"


What's Included?

1x 1000 mL Vessel

1x 2000 mL Vessel

2x Straws

2x Straw Couplers

1x Funnel

1x Vessel Cap


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