Somatic 60 Filtersock Holder

Somatic 60 Filtersock Holder

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Filter socks have many uses with aquariums, most notably their ability to polish and clean your aquariums water while trapping free floating particles for easy removal. Using filter socks will help keep your water crystal clear while trapping and removing nutrients that would normally settle into your sandbed or other areas of the tank and sump that could increase nutrient levels and diminish water quality. It is suggested to change filter socks every couple days to export any detritus before it gets a chance to break down into nutrients.


The 60 Filter Sock Holder will sit perfectly in the corner of the Somatic 60 Filter System and hold 1x filter sock. 


Fits Vertex Filter Socks - We suggest the 4" x 12" Felt 200 micron Vertex filter socks for the best polishing and trapping characteristics. For longer lasting filter socks try the 4" x 14" Mesh 300 micron Vertex filter socks.



Max Plumbing Diameter* - 1.50"

Min Plumbing Diameter* - 1.25" (works with 1" PVC pipe)

Filter Sock Opening Diameter - 3.5" (Fits Vertex 4" Filter Socks)

Dimensions - 5.125" L x 4.5" W x 3.75" H


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