Strawberry Basslet

Strawberry Basslet

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Pictichromis porphyreus


The Strawberry Basselt is native to Indo-Pacific region. The beautiful fish can brighten up and bring color to any aquarium. Its bold striking color is just as its name suggests magenta. While the Strawberry Basselt are small in size, males tend to grow larger than females. The Strawberry Basselt is also a hermaphrodite meaning the female can morph into a male.


Common Names: Magenta Dottyback, Magenta Pseudochromis, Purple Dottyback, Purple Pseudochromis, Strawberry Pseudochromis


Recommended Tank Size: As with other basslets a 30 gallon or larger aquarium should be provided. The temperature of the water should be kept 72-78° F. The Strawberry Basselt likes an aquarium filled with many hiding places due to their shy nature, but they can be bold if they are kept with less aggressive mates. If they have numerous tank mates or feel like their resting place, nest, or themselves is in danger they will protect. For the most part they will remain in or near their hiding place. It is also recommended that they are kept one per tank or in a single pair.


Food and Diet: Having vitamin-enriched foods will protect and preserve the beautiful color. The diet consists of meaty foods such as brine shrimp and prepared frozen foods including marine fish, crustacean flesh, and mysis shrimp.


Level of Care: Easy


Reef Compatibility Reef-safe, but may eat small ornamental shrimps.


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