Teardrop Butterfly

Teardrop Butterfly

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Chaetodon unimaculatus

The Teardrop Butterfly, Chaetodon interruptus, also known as the Yellow Teardrop Butterfly, Onespot Butterflyfish, Limespot Butterflyfish, One-spot Butterfly, Pacific Teardrop Butterflyfish, and Teardrop Coralfish. This Butterflyfish features a entirely yellow body, with a black eye band, and a tearing eye spot on the upper part of its body, which is really pronounced in juveniles. With its attractive color and bold personality, the Teardrop Butterfly makes a captivating addition to a fish only tank. They can be kept singly, in pairs or as a small group if the tank is large enough, and with other Butterflyfish. They are a peaceful species, and should be kept with other peaceful species. However, they can hold their own towards semi aggressive fish as well. The Teardrop Butterfly can grow to be 8 inches and should be kept in a tank no less than 80 gallons, if kept individually, and no less than 130 gallons if kept in a pair or group. The tank should also be cleverly decorated with plenty of live rock, creating caves an crevices allowing the Teardrop Butterfly to hide, and graze on naturally growing algae. There should also be plenty of open space, as this Butterflyfish is a very active swimmer. They are not considered reef safe, as they have extremely strong jaws, nipping the polyps of soft and hard Coral species as well as crushing and ingesting the skeletons of hard Corals, as well as Sponges, Mushroom Anemones, and Invertebrates. They are best kept in a fish only tank. The Teardrop Butterfly is very good at accepting a variety of foods and has a broad appetite, and once acclimated, is quite hardy, making them a great choice for beginners. They should be fed an omnivorous diet, consisting of Brine and Mysis shrimp, finely chopped meaty foods like Shrimp, Clam Crustacean Flesh, as well as Japanese Nori, Spirulina, and several Sponge based formulas. Feed 2 times daily for continued health. They will thrive in a temperature range of 74-81°F and a pH of 8.1-8.4.

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